Sunday, 5 February 2012

Don’t shoot the messenger. Voyage to the Stars.

Everyone is having a go for it, so why not me. The voyage to Neptunus. I read a lot of comments and channeling’s on this voyage that didn’t happen like WE wanted too. As I was thinking about it, also reading Greg’s blog about it, maybe we sabotaged ourselves by having to much doubts that this event would happen. For me, even though the trip didn’t go through YET, for me it was not a failure if you consider how much hope and excitement it generated and how many people took a leap of faith and even the hits that Steve Beckow’s site got after this channeling. Also in my opinion is that if things don’t go the way you think it suppose to go that you have to shoot the messenger down. Because the messenger is just a messenger, delivering the message. And if I read the comments, we perceive ourselves still as separate from each other instead of as being ONE.

Of course everybody is entitled to their own Vasanas, like Steve would put it so eloquently.For the rest I agree with Blossom about this.See link below.

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