Thursday, 9 February 2012

Try thinking out of our limited 3D box

duck/rabbit illusion

What do you see first?
I was reading some positive and negative comments on the trip of Neptune and that Linda is a fake channeler and so on and so on. What follows is my opinion/speculations and is not designed to favor (or not) anyone. For me, there is no just black or white or yellow. You have a whole range of subtle colors for example the color yellow:  you have from sunshine yellow to pastel yellow or dirty yellow. I always have a discussion with my husband about colors. When he say’s something is orange, I would say: no it is red. Even though we are both right, because orange is composed out of the colors yellow and red.

Maybe it is time to think out of our 3D thinking comfort box, because everything is not as simple, or is, as it looks.

I read a very interesting article about parallel universes and that we can shift in and out those universes. I always had a feeling that parallel universes are created, where a part of a decision I didn’t make would present itself in a parallel universe.

Now, let’s play the game “what if”: (thinking out of the 3D box?)

the trip to the mothership Neptune did happen but in a parallel universe. (I am keeping the story in my mind about what the writer said in that article about parallel universes. At one moment she describes that she had two magazine issues where the same add of a psychic was advertised, including the website’s link. But as she wanted to look it up, that website, it didn’t exist. Fortunately she had the lady’s phone number and she phoned. The lady went silent on the other line. She told the writer that she intended to make a website but didn’t yet.) So let’s apply this to the story of John Lear writing that he is onboard the ship Neptune and not. What if John is really on board the ship and somehow his story got through to our side of the parallel universe. As stated in another message saying that he isn’t on that ship, maybe in this reality he really didn’t go onto the ship.

Then it comes to my mind that there is not only ONE TRUTH, because there isn’t. Everything is fluid; everybody has a different look on things from different perspectives at different levels. Events that happened or didn’t all can be true in alternative realities.  Possibilities are endless, we can create endless…Does it really matters at all what is true? (3D thinking) Is it not important to take what is true for you and leave all the rest? Is the cup half empty or half full?

I hope you can see where I am getting at and would like your opinion about this avenue of thinking. Before I close down, one more perception/knowing of my side……the Universe is also constant in change, what applies for today won’t be for tomorrow or a matter of fact, even into the next minute, or second. I don’t believe in “THE TRUTH”, as there are so many…as there is no dark or light side…duality…there is no wrong or right 

Now everything said about this, you can throw mud at me; I always love a good mud bath.

PS: It is time to have our own personal disclosure (ascension). 

(something funny happened, I was looking for those psychology pictures I was re-directed to this page:  . Is it universe helping me out?)

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