Tuesday, 17 January 2012

WIN a "My Memories Suite" Scrapbooking Software

And the winner for this fantastic scrapbook "my memories suite" is:

                                               Linda Fantouzzo

In the early days of scrapbooking, you bought a lot of papers and other paraphernalia that costed you money and time to make and eventualy ended up with a lot of tower stacking scrapingbooks in the attic. But no more…I present to you a new way of scrapbooking with a software called: "My memories suite". For the last weeks I have been trying out this new and fun "digitalscrapbooking software" and try to make for myself a nice album with my kids.

When you open the program you are directed to a page where you can choose where to begin. It doesn't matter if you are beginner or an advanced scrapbooker, everything is provided in this program and very easy to use. The variety of templates available in this software is amazing and will suit every creative mind and making the best out of it. 

But not only that, you can make your own templates with all the little templates that are at your service. And believe me, there are a million ways to make something creative out of this, without the pre-stored templates.

It is a fun way to make a scrapbook diary of your kids, family or your vacation, to mention a few...and the best part is that the software makes it available to make a presentation or video out of it and you can give it as present to your kids or family as a present.

This is really a must have software!!!


But wait..there is more in store. You have a chance to win one of these fantasic "digital scrapbooking software". To enter , please choose one of the digital paper pack or layout or make an original comment about My memories site , so please first visit the site www.MyMemories.com and then comment on my blog which one was your favorite or make an original comment. The winner will be announced on the end of January 2012. Good luck!!!!

Save $10 with mentioned below code when you buy the software
Memories Suite V3:
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(please copy and paste the code to avoid typos when using it)

Here below are some results of me playing around in this fantastic program. The first one I used pre-stored template and the second one I scraped myself. :)


  1. Hei Liesje, mooie familiefoto's en een prachtige atmosfeerschepping.

  2. A memory suite, that suites everyone.

  3. Hey Liesbet, leuke mooie foto's van Nolwazi en jullie, mooie kleurencombinatie en compositie, groetjes, Linda en co

  4. Nice beautifulull pictures, my memories is a dream