Saturday, 14 February 2009

Digital Matting: Planet of the Bears

Steps I took to complete Planet of the Bears: Used my sketch to construct my artwork with pictures and scanned sketches. Every element you see is on a different layer: planet, bears, background, stars and so on. If everything is in place: filter, artistic, dry brush. I used brushes to blend in the pictures so that it becomes one artwork instead of a collection of pictures. The planet in the background. I made two layers with different colors. Flipped them in mirror. Used the eraser to blend in the two layers. Then added the clouds and the lights. Made another layer for the reflection into the water. Took several star pictures and put them together and used the eraser to blend them. The sunrise, I changed the orange into red, copied the lights in a different layer. Mirrored the layer and used it for the reflection in the water. With the cloning tool a made the fur of the bears. Changed there colors and detailed it with a fine brush. Also used smudging tool. Then a separate layer of both bears to use as a reflection into the swimming pool water.The swimming pool I changed the color and the light and also the foam. Again I used the eraser to let through a glimpse of the water.The last layer I added was the champagne glass and the champagne bottle.

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