Thursday, 26 February 2009

aRt - ArT - ART

Since I was 6 years old , I loved to draw. I would sit in front of my house and draw. When I moved to a bigger city I also had the opportunity to go to an artschool in my spare time. Later I went to an artschool. And now I still like to draw and paint but not so much as I use too. So with my new projects going on I try to get some life in my drawing/painting skills. I am a bit rusty but not to much....

I went to St. Lucas School, did you know that St. Lucas is a pratron for artists. Anyway when I was in my two last years, I was the only one to in the painting departement. This is how my space looked like in school:

Now days I don't have a space to work on, the only space I have to do my art is on the computer. I have so much ideas , but sometimes not the space and the time to work them out. But I am hopefull that one day I will have my own artspace again.

This one I made in my last year. We went on a schooltrip to United States. When we flew back home I saw this and made a quick sketch in my notebook. I tought it was an amazing sight. This artwork is 1m30 wide and 1m in tall.