Wednesday, 18 February 2009


If you search for Book of shadow pages you will find a lot of Pic-
tures of the Book of Shadows of Charmed. I truly love that but I decided to make and personalize my own Book of Shadows. In fol-
lowing weeks I am going to post a lot of pages of my personal BOS but only the drawings so if you are interested you can buy the pages. Just email me how much they cost to . My version of a Book of Shadows is to create pages that interest me. I would call myself an eclectic witch. Al-
though I am not really into wicca but I read a lot about it. So this page that I am presenting now is with text because it is a personal meditating chant with painting that can not be seperated. I hope you like it.


  1. blessed be witch sister ...
    peace love and art supplies

  2. Blessed be to witch sister,
    Your blog is fantastic.