Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Message Spiritual Guide

Message from my spiritual guide:

There is strength in gentleness of being, there is spiritual power in gentleness of being, there is unity through diversity in gentleness of being. Love is the foundation of all personal creation, the foundation of the healing rays and energies which are taught in and out of mystery schools. All of us are aware of the fact, that personal love and spiritual love are usually necessary or desired things in life, but most of us, as yet, have not realized how to tap the full and highest power of love to enable all other loves to follow the course. Often we have attachments to something or things which are not in tune with the mighty “I am”.
We will endeavour to assist you in bringing knowledge and understanding that will enhance your life. Our minds often places blocks in the way and we need to be aware of the joy, knowledge, love and wisdom that goes beyond intellectual understanding.
There is Truth in every religion, as there is free will choice in whatever Path you choose to follow. Often when people do not understand something, they manifest human nature, not divine nature. You must reach out to those thoughts and feelings within your heart and mind that you know are the noblest and the highest. The God self, the I am, will be your consciousness. We have all adopted belief systems, fears and attitudes that are not entirely our own. These are the fears we have adopted from society, from family and even friends. This so called “truth”, and we say this truth in inverted commas, becomes the order of the day.
Work with what sits well with you, then move on. We all have the longing that there is something more to give and something more to receive. That is the truth inside of yourself beginning to stir. As the Truth emerges, your Soul begins to magnetically draw towards certain experiences, which allow you to pursue that particular avenue.
The Truth is, that the passion that feeds you, stimulates and inspires you. Honour the Light of your Soul at all times, honour the Love of God at all times (no matter which belief system an individual works or relates to), honour the free will choice of others, honour the freedom of speech and honour the Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would like them do unto you. Continue to seek your spiritual development and always keep your critical faculties alive. Awaken to dream no more. Make the best decisions to bring you more readily into the Light. Work for the combined good based in God and Good.