Monday, 16 January 2012

Chained on Time!!!!

What would live be like without the chains of TIME? I was asking myself this question and I noticed we always live by the clock. We set our times when we have to go to work. Or we have an appointment with the doctor, or school, or a friend. We schedule our lives around the clock and still we feel like we don’t have enough time in a day to do all the things we want to. Because when you are coming from work, if you have kids, they want also a piece of your time.

So imagine if you don’t have to live your life by the clock. You work, eat, sleep, play, study, and travel….whenever you feel like. The activities will not be measured by time or even dates or years. So you end up feeling you have no sense of time anymore...because yesterday, today and tomorrow will be in the NOW. People can just find their own rhythm to go through life. No pressure at all to squeeze in as much as you can in 1 lifetime. Because death is not an end station, it is just a graduation to a higher level of being.

I must admit, I am still caught up or chained by time. Sometimes I feel the pressure so much that I begin to panic that I won’t get it finished on time. But I am starting to let go, not that easy but I am trying. Just go with the flow. Don’t hang on and enjoy the ride. Especially about thing that are coming. Don’t fight it….

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