Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Lantern Lighting ***** ( I AM AWAKE ) *** shift happens !!

Time: January 2, 2012 from 8pm to 11pm
Location: Where ever you are in the world
Organized By: Brenda Watts

Event Description:
Lets all light a lantern for Change and a call to wake up the world!
This event was sparked at Bills birthday, Gloria brought a lantern (the kind of Chinese lantern you light and let go. They float up forever into the sky, beautiful!) as we watched it, we all heard DJ say, OMG we can change the world! Lets change the world! Lets light lanterns and lets do it all at once lets invite the world to do it with us. And everyone started saying lets!! Lets make a difference! Lets show the world that our thoughts can can change whats going on! We don’t need to occupy Salem, or Portland or Wall-Street! Lets occupy the world!!! OUR world! This is our earth! One thought can change our reality, billions of thoughts can change the world. Lets stop the suffering and financial disasters. The Pain and hurt. Lets think of peace and invite the world to light their lanterns with us and change whats going on.
Then DJ said! Lets call it Shift Happens!! Lets wake up the whole WORLD!! Lol. It was awesome!
Love Brenda

PS there is a link on the site where you can order your Chinese lantern. They are not expansive and you can get any size you want. Please join me in this. Thank you!!!
Lantern Lighting ***** ( I AM AWAKE ) *** shift happens !!

More Info

This Event of lighting a wish lantern is .. to acknowledge our importance ... to give flight to our dreams .. to say with out a word .. I AM CHANGE .. and I AM AWAKE ... as one person shifts it gives permission to another to do the same .. what better way then to light your own flame and let it soar ..This event is for us all for the ones who are ready to pledge .. to them selves the beauty of them !!!! SO .. at 8:00 P.m. on January 2,2012 any place that you are .. with yourself .. friends .. standing in your back yard .. at the beach .. on the mountain ... LIGHT YOUR LANTERN .. as you illuminate the world to AWAKE to the CHANGE ... SHIFT HAPPENS :) Imagine the night sky illuminated with change .. it really does start with one .. be the change ... !!!

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