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To Dream No More!!!

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Recently I got a lot of dreams about UFO’s flying through the sky. First away back it started only with preparing disclosure now it ended with disclosure. Is something happening or do I want it so much that I create my own disclosure in my dreams. So I went on searching. I posted a blog on Saviors of Earth with the question if anybody has the same dreams.
Apparently they have, see some reactions:
Antonela Di Filippo commented on Lisa's blog post 'Dreaming of UFO's' I am dreaming about them a lot Lisa... yesterday a UFO with red and white lights wanted to take my mother and I had the feeling that I must not let them so I protected her... but yes... they are increasing a lot my friend...
Peace frog commented on Lisa's blog post 'Dreaming of UFO's' I’ve had all shorts of UFO dreams my whole life. Never scary or bad but I’ve noticed that the ships have been getting more and more detailed.
So I tried to dig a little deeper and started questioning what ‘Dreams” really are. I went to Zingdad and 8 channeled through Zingdad.
Wolfke74 wrote: This is actually a question for 8:

Since a few weeks/months I am dreaming extraordinary dreams. And that kept me wondering, what are dreams?

I look the definition up online and got this: A series of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations occurring involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.

So what are dreams? And if they are real, are we really experiences these dream on another level of dimension? And what happens when we dream, because I read somewhere (can’t remember where) that we leave our body and coming back in our body during dreaming/sleeping?
I'll pass you over to 8...
8 wrote: I greet you, Wolfke. You ask what dreams are.

Let me begin by saying that you are a far more powerful creator being than you can now imagine. The experience of being incarnated as a human being is actually an incredibly limiting and constrictive experience. But when you go to sleep you are somewhat released from some of these restrictions and your creator mind is given a little more freedom to play. What it DOES with that freedom will vary greatly from dream to dream and from person to person.

Dreams which seem to play out in a world with people and places are actually created by you in a realm that lies at a density very near to your own. You could call it the "imaginable realm". It is as much a "real place" as your current reality is but the rules by which that reality is created are quite different from your current reality. Which is why you can, for example, fly in your dreams if you choose. You can also just "imagine" things into being in that realm. In that realm, what you imagine is what is true. Which can be a wonderful thing if you are good at imagining happy things. It can also be uncomfortable if you get lost in imaging fearful things. This is the origin of nightmares, you see.

But this "imaginable realm" can also be used to great purpose. You can, for example, meet your Inner-Self and your Spirit Guide there and be taught the lessons your are desiring to learn. Usually you will be showing these things in a very practical experiential way - so you will play out scenarios in which you can see how their lesson is applicable.

Another great use for the imaginable realm is to try out things that you wish to experience without having to create a whole new incarnation. If you wanted to know, for example, what it might be like to be a soldier fighting a war then you could have that as a dream and you could see how you react to a particular scenario without the considerable investment in soul-energy that is a whole other incarnation.

Sometimes you will also be able to play out part of alternate time lines in the imaginable realm. Perhaps you are in a happy and stable relationship but there is someone with whom you, on a deeper level, wondered what it might be like to have a romantic connection. It might be that you choose to play some part of this out in the imaginable realm while you dream.

I give you a few random examples just to impart the idea: The world of dreams is a realm in which you, your soul-family and those with whom you are associated in spirit can work and play. Almost all dreams are not recalled when you awaken. There is much the "waking self" cannot know - for any number of reasons - and dreams that are about these matters are not recalled. But if you notice that your dreams seem to be particularly vivid or meaningful and if you awaken remembering your dreams then I would urge you to keep what is sometimes called a "dream diary". On waking, simply jot down some key words describing the dream. You can come back later and see what you have written. If you do this you will be very surprised what your dreams have to teach!

And then there is also something else to remember. This life that you are now living is also, actually, a dream. In due course you will "wake up" from this life and marvel at how interesting it was, how much you learned from it and how "real" it seemed. For indeed, your whole life is just a dream to a greater version of you.

May you have wonderful dreams!
See next response on the message above:
Hello Wolfke
Wolfke74 wrote: So when we are dreaming, we dream a dream in a dream
LOL! Yep, that is pretty much it! And to add confusion to the matter - I have even had dreams in which I was dreaming! I woke up and then a bit later woke up AGAIN. Dreams of dreams of dreams of dreams... WOW! :-)
Wolfke74 wrote: Lately I am dreaming a lot of dreams when, to say it in the old term "flying saucers" coming by. Maybe it is my desire how it feels to see something like that before it is actually happening.
This could be a number of things. It could simply be your desire manifesting or you could be working in the collective consciousness of the planet. There is MUCH going on with regard to visitation from other planets right now. Your higher-self is obviously aware of this and maybe this is what you are tapping into? There will be more about this in a response to another question later on...
Wolfke74 wrote: I still have a question for Zingdad or 8 to answer: When I was reading the story I was thinking by "déjà-vu". I had in my life quite of number "déjà-vu". Is this because we experienced a scenario in a dreamworld? Or is this a memory of my Higher-Self (because I read somewhere that our higher-selfs already lived all the lives, including the live I am living now).
Interesting question! I'll let 8 respond:
8 wrote: Just as the contents of your dreams can actually be one of many things, so to can the experience you have called "déjà-vu". Though there are a number of reasons you might experience this I will highlight the most common and the most relevant to the ascending soul. It is the realisation that time is an illusion. There really is no such thing. All time is NOW. All places are HERE. There is really only NOW HERE. Or NOWHERE. But you are experiencing a very powerful illusion that there is indeed time and space. That there is a "previous" and a "later" and that there is a "here" and a "there". But your Inner-Self has a much less powerful version of this illusion. Your Inner-Self sees your entire life, from beginning to end as one thing and as Right Now. It also sees all your alternate "possible and probable lifetimes as Right Now. The lifetime you are observing is only a small part of the greater picture which is You. But before I digress. Before you incarnated you spent some time in preparation for this lifetime. You reviewed some of the events you would be experiencing. Sometimes déjà-vu occurs when you remember something you knew would be coming... and here it is! Sometimes déjà-vu is when your consciousness and the consciousness of your Inner-Self draw nearer to each other. You become aware that the things that you are experiencing are all already created. You are simply the part of self that is navigating that which was already created.

These are complex subjects and can be hard to comprehend for those that are inside the illusion of the 3D realm. My suggestion therefore is to simply enjoy the moment as being one which you are sharing with your Inner-Self.

If you wish to better understand the complexity of dimensional realms then I can suggest you might enjoy a discussion that I had with Zingdad on that very topic Dimensions
Okay! That is interesting, thanks 8. I haven't often had déjà-vu. But the once of twice I did it was powerful stuff. Once my lady-love, Lisa, and I were on holiday in Brugge in Belgium. It was our first visit there and so there was NO WAY I could have known anything about the place. We were walking around the town and suddenly this strange feeling came over me as if I could "remember" what lay ahead of us. I turned to Lisa and began describing what we would be seeing further ahead on our walk. We were both pretty blown away when it all turned out exactly as I said it would. And then the feeling left and I was back to being a tourist walking around that beautiful old town...
So that is what I got after all that digging.
Wish you lots of love. Lisa.

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