Saturday, 11 June 2011

Movie: The Green Beautiful

This is a movie you have to wacth. It is really beautiful.

The green beautifull movie

La Belle Verte Movie is a very rare french movie which was unofficially prohibited in UN by media holders. Since 1995 it hasn't been shown on TV except couple of times at late night and not on main stream channels. It is banned for obvious reasons to do with questioning society. "This is a beautiful French film that teaches us the importance of living close to nature.

Synopsis:Really a rare awakening movie now available in French with English subtitles. It tells the story of a woman from an advanced civilization of another planet who decides to come to Earth and is astonished how far behind we are. Amusing and serious at the same time. An absolutely must to see! This is the first of 9 parts, all available on YouTube.

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