Thursday, 3 September 2009

Events on 090909

Channeled by LadyDreamWolf 9/3/09

Greetings Jeremiah and Jen, this is an official document for the record. This is Michkael, High Commander of The Galactic Federation of Light. I am coming in with Ashtar and another of Ashtar Command. Is this allowable?

Greetings from All of US at Ashtar Command. WE have some vital information for the ALL. At this timing, you can post this, when it is timing, as it will be vital to be posted BEFORE the Galactic Federation Meeting to occur on September 9, 2009.

This meeting is not just for a testing to see how communication will go with the outer perimeters of your planet, as well as the general populace. There is much that will be covered at this conference. During the timing when this will occur, there will be UFO’s sighted globally. When these ships are sighted, there will be many who will not react well. However, it is our hope that WE will be able to begin our intended landings shortly after this conference.

It is a long message so you can read it further on: Ashtar Command on 090909