Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Night On The Milky Way Train

This is a very inspiring story. A must to read. You can read the story further on: Night On the Milky Way Train

Then Giovanni saw the weather station pillar right behind him take on the vague shape of a triangular sign, flickering on and off like a firefly. When the blur in his eyes cleared, everything became clear and finely outlined, and the sign with its light soared straight up into the dense cobalt-blue field of the sky as if it were a sheet of freshly tempered steel. Out of the blue he was sure he heard a strange voice calling...

'Milky Way Station! Milky Way Station!'

(c) Roger Pulvers 1996The original, ' "Night On The Milky Way Train" in English (Bilingual Edition)', was published from Chikuma Shobo.

Kagaya made a little animation about this story. See the trailer on: The Celestial Railroad

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