Thursday, 26 March 2009


Hi everybody,

This topic is about the end of my newsletter with Mail Chimp and a new beginning on this blog. The reason why I stop is because it is useless to write the same thing twice, it only uses different media. In my opion Mail Chimp is not that user friendly. Anyway, I will place here my newsletter that I wrote. Enjoy!!!!!
What does photography means to you? As a novice but also as a very advanced photographer, you (have to) follow some rules. These rules tell you what do to do or not. Here is a defeniton I found on the internet : The art, practice, or occupation of taking and printing photographs.

But, do we have to follow the rules all the time? No, here we go off the beaten track. Especially now with the digital camera it won’t be a problem at all. Because it is digital you can play around with it in Photoshop...make it sharper, change the colors and so on.

Before the digital camera times you had only analogue photography. Here you had to follow the rules because it was to expensive to make mistakes, at least for the hobby photographer. So you had to know witch shutter time, from witch angel to take the photograph, take the picture directly into the sun or not...etc. etc. You study longer on the subject before you photograph it.

When I was young I went on a trip with my parents to England, that was the time before the tunnel. We took a catamaran and on the way I saw a perfect picture, wild sea, dark sky and dark clouds where sunrays come true and shine on the water...and I tought, I can’t take a picture into the sun. But were will be the artistic freedom? So I took the picture and broke the rules (more or less) of photography. This is the result.

Now with a digital camera you can break as many rules as you want. My advice is that it is ok to break some rules because that is the time you make beautifull atmospherical pictures.

These moontags are original taken from my illustrations. You can use these tags for free, you can print them out and use them for tagging your presents.

Enjoy this beautiful tags!